How I started hooking… or how I learned to crochet

In October of 2012 I decided I’d see if I could teach myself how to crochet. This was completely on a whim, I simply bought myself a 4mm crochet hook and a cheap ball of wool.

After a little googling, I settled down with a few YouTube videos. I learned, over the next few hours, how to create a chain, single crochet and double crochet (US terms).

Over the next few weeks I learned more complicated stitches; began making crocheted flowers;  started a scarf, and discovered amigurumi.



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4 responses to “How I started hooking… or how I learned to crochet

  1. I taught my husband how to crochet many years ago. He had watched me and was newly retired on disability. He figured if I could do it so could he. He ended up making a twin size blanket for his mother. then he left the crocheting to me. She treasures the blanket to this day. So keep it up, your work will be loved.

  2. I taught myself to crochet back in 2008, and failed miserably because I hadn’t realised there are two ‘languages’ in crochet…American and British terminology, I was so frustrated when designs wouldn’t work out, until I realised that a dc is really an sc…anyway I may be a Brit, but I prefer the American ‘language’, patterns make sense now!

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