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Along with getting my crochet mojo back I’ve also been getting my art on. In actuality I started drawing before crocheting; I think the drawing rekindled my creative spark.


I’ve been exploring an abstract style I first started developing when I was a teenager. I might share more of my artwork here if there’s interest; tho I’m looking forward to sharing more of my crochet soon.


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Sunflower Scarf

I’ve finally finished my circular motif shawl – inspired scarf.

This was going to be a blanket or throw but I realised I’d used a brown that I would run out of. Terrible planning! Or maybe, a fortunate accident depending on your point of view.

SAMSUNG CSCIt’s lovely and bright but did require lots of weaving in of ends. On the plus side I do feel like I’m doing a much better job when weaving in ends… I just need to remember to leave enough length to do it properly.

Lacking a more lady like model I did the job myself. Whilst I’m not sure  I can pull it off, I’m pretty sure this could make a lovely gift for someone. 🙂



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Solace in the stitch

A bit of a funny weekend, very up and down worth lots contrast. I’ve been getting stuck in a grumpy mood that I’ve had trouble shaking.

What I’d normally do in this situation would be to crochet. Yesterday I couldn’t. I was out and about with no hook or wool.

Now, I have access to all the things I need. Distracted by half double, single and front post double crochets my mood has lightened. I’ve also made a glove and am about to start another 🙂


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I love looking at a ball of yarn/wool. It’s just one continuous (if you’re lucky) strand with the potential to become so many things.


Like this ball of super chunky yarn. It could be a scarf, a cowl or possibly a hat. In actual fact I know exactly what this yarn will become.

Slippers! Really cool slippers. I bought the pattern last week and after I’ve finished orders for people that’s what I’ll be starting. 🙂

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Creativity saves lives

A good few years back I hit a rough patch and sank into depression.  I’m not going to talk about the reasons why, as I’m not about to go back to that place and relive things that I’ve left behind. What I would like to write about is the wonderful transformation that I went through that has led me to where I am today.


Drawing was something I always wished I could do. My parents are both incredibly creative and both can paint beautifully, I was of the opinion that I hadn’t received those particular genes. I have doodled for years and my doodles did have a sort of artistic quality. However, to me they were just doodles.

On the day I was signed off work I felt really low and I started to draw. I quickly realised that I wasn’t as bad as I thought. In fact I wasn’t bad at all.

I drew this on the night I had been signed off work.

I drew this on the night I had been signed off work.

But more than this I realised that when I was drawing I zoned out of the world around me and got a much needed break from all the feelings and thoughts that I was stuck with. Creating artwork soon became a therapy, an escape. Creating things allowed me to heal. Without finding and fostering that creative ember that smoldered within me I could still be in that sad dark place. 


Creativity is such a big part of who I am now. I’m happiest when I’m making things. Exploring my creativity led me to crochet… and I love crochet.



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Merging, adapting and tweaking

As many will know, I’ve got snowflakes on the brain. Well last night I adapted an existing snowflake pattern from a book (Mini Christmas Crochet by Val Pierce).

I used elements from other snowflakes I’ve seen on the internet. Adding these features to the final round.

There are still things I’d like to change but I’m happy with the result of my tinkering.


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