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Giant Tunisian Crochet

The weekend before last, I went to a hobby and crafts show in Birmingham. I came back with plenty of yarn and best of all my 2.4 cm Tunisian crochet hook.


It wasn’t long before I put it to work making a nice, chunky scarf. I split open a bag of Patons “Colour Works Aran” and removed four balls.


Using the Tunisian simple stitch, I worked the four balls into a thick fabric weight chains wide (though I could/should have used ten, I think).

It took me about five days to crochet the scarf, from start to finish. However, I’m pretty sure that with the inclination and without distractions I could have made it  four hours.


It feels really soft and I reckon it will be gorgeously warm in  coming winter months.


I’m looking forward to making some nice chunky blankets  in the future.


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Crochet slipper progress

So I’ve continued crocheting my monster slipper and am pleased with the progress I’ve made. All I’ve got left to do are the claws and finishing the ribbed cuff.

I’m now not actually sure I’ve done back post double crochets before. I have now! 🙂 I think any ribbing I’ve done before has employed half double crochets and front post double crochets. This pattern uses both front and back.


Back post double crochets are tricky!


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