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A long finished project

I finished this way back in June and didn’t share the end product which I was really pleased with. So here it is. I love the way the grey and yellow work together.

It doesn’t look particularly square in the photo but it looked good after blocking- though I do feel the tension was a little screwy due to the variety of yarns I used.

I added a scalloped edge which again looked better after the blanket was blocked.

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WIP Wednesday: Blankety Goodness

So after a teeny tiny set back the other day, my blanket is now back on track.

The pinks and greens look lovely together and I think once it’s at the size I want I’ll attach 5 or so crocheted roses. At the moment I’m not exactly sure where I’ll be able to block the blanket but it will definitely need it.



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Crochet Obsessed

Considering I only started my blanket a week ago I’m pleased with how much it’s grown. This is mainly because I’m ever so slightly obsessed!

Every spare moment, I seem to have the blanket on my lap and a crochet hook in my hand. It’s lovely that being so simple I can just crochet without having to keep looking at a pattern. At one point I wasn’t having to look.

Then last night, I realised I’d missed a space and had to frog a round and a half- and now these rounds are getting big! Overconfidence?  A bit gutted, I’m giving myself a night off from the blanket.

But a night off from crocheting?


Tonight I shall start my “Where’s Wally?” hat. There is a purpose to this that will be revealed in due course. Here’s the wool I’m going to use.



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Bright and cheery blanketyness

Unable to resist I’ve started a new project! A sunflower blanket/afghan.

I’ve no pattern as such but I’m using motifs from a shawl (circular motif shawl – free pattern) I made for my mam for Christmas. The shawl I made uses a Patons colour change aran and requires no changing for the colour variation… the yarn does all the work.

SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCThe motifs aren’t too hard to crochet and they join together in the last round so you join as you go-which I quite liked. There was quite a lot of weaving to do though, I kind of wished I did that as I went along too. 🙂

My mam was very pleased with her gift and my dad couldn’t believe I’d made it by hand.

I thought it might be nice to make another but larger and to play with the colours of the rounds to make sun flowers. I’m liking the effect so far!



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