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Sea horse

A few weeks ago I started an amigurumi Sea horse from Vanessa Mooncie’s book “crocheted Sea Creatures”.


There are 12 wonderful creatures to make. However the creatures that really caught my eye and persuaded me to buy the book were the Sea horse and the Octopus (which I’ve yet to start).


I love the way my sea horse has turned out. It is just over a foot tall which was longer than I expected it to be. The crocheting involved was relatively easy involving simple increases, decreases and a fair amount of colour changing.

The pattern uses UK terminology which wasn’t a problem. However, I must admit that the wording of the pattern was not always straight forward. There were several points where I was left a little stumped. I persevered and I’m glad I did so.




I used Paton’s DK Smoothie and some old Navy blue acrylic yarn I had left over from another project.


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Crocheted to completion

Isn’t that moment when you finish a project (or projects) lovely? Even quick projects hold a sweet satisfaction upon their completion.

I finished the scarf I mentioned in my last post a couple of days ago. It’s got a lovely light but warm feel to it and was so easy to crochet. All I did was use double crochets (US terms) chains to create a grid/net to the length I desired. 🙂


I’ve also crocheted a hat using the same Patons Colour Works Aran.


The hat has ribbing created  through alternating front post double crochets and single crochets. The pattern is free; designed by Nancy Smith, and available from www.nlsstitchings.com.



So now onto my next project… Minion (from despicable me) inspired amigurumi!


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A simple scarf

I managed to get my hands on quite a lot of Patons Colour Works Aran at a bargain price. Better still the colors are gender neutral (not that colours should be gender specific, but that’s getting off point).


I’m making some accessories for when it turns colder. Some of them may be destined to become Christmas gifts.

I’ve started with a simple scarf consisting of double crochet (US terms) and chains to create squares. I’m using a 10mm crochet hook so it has a very loose, mesh like and soft look.


I think I’m about two thirds of the way through; I’ll share a picture of the completed project within the week.

After this, I’m planning on a hat and fingerless gloves using the same yarn. That said, I’ve also got a couple of Amigurumi minions to make for a friend… we’ll see what I’m inspired to crochet first. 🙂

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Bright and cheery blanketyness

Unable to resist I’ve started a new project! A sunflower blanket/afghan.

I’ve no pattern as such but I’m using motifs from a shawl (circular motif shawl – free pattern) I made for my mam for Christmas. The shawl I made uses a Patons colour change aran and requires no changing for the colour variation… the yarn does all the work.

SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCThe motifs aren’t too hard to crochet and they join together in the last round so you join as you go-which I quite liked. There was quite a lot of weaving to do though, I kind of wished I did that as I went along too. 🙂

My mam was very pleased with her gift and my dad couldn’t believe I’d made it by hand.

I thought it might be nice to make another but larger and to play with the colours of the rounds to make sun flowers. I’m liking the effect so far!



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After I’ve finished mending the blanket I’m working on (hopefully it’ll all be finished tonight), I’ll be working on more fingerless gloves. Redheart have written a nice straightforward free pattern which produces gloves that fit most hands (wristers). I like that I can still use my phone while wearing them.

I first made a pair of these as part of a crochet crowd challenge and I wear them all the time. When it gets colder that may change but for autumnal weather these are great.

SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCYou wouldn’t believe how many photos I took trying to make my hand look natural… maybe my hands aren’t natural!!! I used Patons colour works aran for these I love how the colours slowly change.

I want to have a go at making mittens soon… I’m sure I saw a nice pattern where the top folds back (still thinking about using phone!!!) 🙂



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Crocheting Dirk

Several weeks ago I purchased a pattern for an amigurumi doll. His name is Dirk and I discovered him on Pinterest. Dirk the Dragon/Dinosaur


I loved making Dirk and he didn’t take long to crochet at all. The pattern was well written and easy to follow.  Lydia Tresselt who designed Dirk has also written similar patterns for different dolls with the same sort of style. I shall definitely be buying more of her patterns in the future and perhaps adapting and tweaking the patterns to develop my own creations (I have ideas! 🙂 )


I showed the children I work with the legs I was making, just as I was joining them together. This lead to a discussion on trousers for cats and subsequently dungarees hehe. (more ideas… my poor cats!!!)


I’m sure I will attempt this pattern again. Next time, however, I shall make full use of  invisible decreases as those on the head are really visible (I discovered invisible decreases two days after making the head).


I’m still a little in awe with how the ears are worked. They look quite complex but are actually relatively simple to put together.

The wool I used was Patons’-Smoothie except for the scarf which was Patons’- Colour Works Aran. The main colour was mainly blue with hints of purples. The Smoothie range is nice to work with, it rarely snags, and has a nice sort of shine to it. I found some rather lovely green buttons for eyes and crocheted the scarf rather than knitted (I tried to knit… much practise needed lol). I’m incredibly happy with the way Dirk came out 🙂



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