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A new arrival

As many will know, we lost our beautiful cat Elphaba last month to antifreeze poisoning. We were devastated by her sudden passing.


We are grateful that our little girl didn’t suffer for long and there is a certain amount of solace in that. We know our wonderful vets did everything they possibly could to help her and in the end assisted in making  her last moments as comfortable as possible.

Elphaba’s passing left a gap in our family. We were ok but felt something was missing. We discussed getting another cat and agreed that when the time felt right we would provide a home to another cat. As much as losing Elphaba hurt it did not undo all the wonderful moments we shared together.

This weekend just gone, we visited our local Cats Protection League Adoption centre. This is where we have got all of our cats over the years.We know the cats are well cared for here; the staff friendly, and the cats best matched to potential owners. There is also a lovely feeling you get when you adopt a cat… giving a homeless cat a chance and making a donation to a wonderful organisation.

We arrived, signed in and walked down the pens looking at the information that had been attached to each enclosure. Old cats. Young cats. Cats with no teeth.  There were lots of beautiful cats that would make lovely companions. We paused as we walked by the pen that once held Elphaba remembering the first moments when we met… when she chose us. 🙂

We needed a cat that wouldn’t mind living with other cats and there were many who needed their own space. We liked the idea of a little girl and some confidence would give her a good start in our multicat household. Funnily enough the first cat we saw was the one we have adopted. A sweet little Kitten (6 months old) joined our family on Sunday.


We are now undergoing the process of getting her settled and formal introductions to her new brothers and sisters won’t take place for another week and a half. Slow and steady wins the race.




Her name at the adoption centre was Miranda but in keeping with our other cats names (all related to musical Wicked) she has been renamed Glinda.


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A prickly situation

I’ve just finished crocheting a larger hedgehog. Spike doesn’t seem too bothered by it’s proximity so I can only conclude it’s friendly. 🙂


I’ve enjoyed working on some quicker projects. I’m going to be making some more Amigurumi soon as I’ve just bought some lovely patterns from Toft alpaca. 🙂


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A sad post

Yesterday was a sad day.

Our beloved cat Elphaba became, suddenly, very sick and we had to rush her to our vets. After some testing, we discovered she was suffering from antifreeze poisoning.

Initially, we were livid but hopeful our vets treatment plan would work. We warned neighbours who also had cats and awaited news.

After about 7 hours from us racing to the vets we received the phone call no cat dad wants to receive. The vets said they’d done all the could and that it would be kinder to let our princess go.

We drove over to say goodbye. How Jonathan held himself together during the journey is beyond me. I know exactly how he must have been feeling.

When we arrived, we waited in the dimly lit waiting room and I could feel myself crumbling. We went through into the consultation room with a very supportive and apologetic vet and said our goodbyes.

I could actually feel the moment my heart broke.

There is no doubt in my mind that the greatest kindness we could bestow on Elphaba at that moment was to let her go.

We are here the day after remembering our beautiful little girl. All the pain we are feeling pales in comparison to the joy she brought into our lives.

We well miss you my little princess and  love you always x


RIP Elphaba


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Crochet cat nest

Just before summer, inspired by Pinterest, I crocheted a cat nest/cave/house.

I was terribly excited as it was my first time using t-shirt yarn.

I used a free pattern and I think I tweaked it as  mad I e it. It worked together quickly but really made my arms ache (I’ve no muscle to speak of). Crocheting t-shirt yarn requires a more physical approach it would seem.

I was quite pleased with the results. However, not one of my four cats have used it. 😦 …. until last week.

Fiyero (big ginger) or Oscar (old dog, cat dad) flattened the nest. I moaned and grumbled, until later when I saw NessaRose (shy cat) using it.

I’ve reshaped the cat nest into a nicer form and now three of my cats have used it for a snooze 🙂


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Finishing projects and a curious cat

I’ve had a lovely Sunday. Jon (my husband) and I began the day with a nice walk along a local cycle track appreciating the autumnal beauty.

When we returned home, I put the finishing touches to a couple of neck warmers I’d made (using super chunky yarn, triple crocheted) and blocked. 

I sewed on buttons. The space between the triple crochets (US terms) formed the button holes but as these were quite loose so I added a couple of stitches to tighten them. This worked really well and made the right triple crochets easier to locate.

While I was outside taking photos, My cat Fiyero decided to come and see what I was up to… he’s such a poser.




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Cat in a Hat

Who doesn’t love a cat  in a hat? Especially when it’s a crocheted hat 🙂




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