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A crochet covered pebble

This last weekend, we went away for a couple of days. We were based near Cleethorpes, on England’s East coast,  and enjoyed spending some time with family.

We walked across the Humber bridge on Sunday and spent a sunny afternoon in Hull.  There was a nice shingle beach that we enjoyed pottering around on with our niece and nephews. The kids really enjoyed throwing larger pebbles into the mud, that was a little closer to the water, and listening for the very satisfying plop as they landed.

I too played around with the pebbles and collected some small smooth stones for a crochet project.

There are lots of examples of pebbles (large and small) being crocheted around on pinterest- take a look they are great. I thought I’d have a go perhaps producing something pendant sized that could go on a chain or cord.


I used the pictures I found as inspiration   and experimented with embroidery thread and a 1mm crochet hook. I’m quite pleased with how well it turned out.


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Pattern rewriting

I’m in the middle of rewriting the pattern for my sheep. Hopefully it will be about half the size of my larger sheep I made a couple of weeks ago. I’m happy with the way it’s turning out though it did take three attempts to get the head the right size. Resizing a pattern certainly isn’t a straightforward process.

I’m making it bit by bit as I write.  My hope is that I’ll spot mistakes and problems as I go. It seems to be working so far.


Crocheting the fleece as I go has been much easier than leaving it until the end.  Adding it to the legs before I joined them together proved much less fiddly; fleecing the body not having arms attached made the whole process much more manageable.

Now I need to make ears, a tail and the all important arms. πŸ™‚

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The Bear Necessities

Two and half years in the making and finally my Lollo Bear is finished!


This project was started when I was quite new to crochet; I was slower and the organisation of all the motifs was a real struggle. I could feel the increased confidence and speed I now possessΒ as I crocheted the arms and legs together this last week. It’s good to recognise and appreciate how far I’ve come.


The pattern for this project is available at ravelry by Heidi Bears (here). I love the care and attention the author has put into this pattern; it is incredibly detailed with lots of photos. It’s a big pattern though (huge actually) it’s split into several parts and, I thought, much too large to print. This wasn’t too much of a problem though as: the motif diagrams are on a checklist sheet, and the joining of motifs is similar throughout.


The arms and legs are attached via buttons and are able to move. I’m looking forward to finding this bear a good home; I have a good idea where he’s going. πŸ™‚



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The king of procrastination

This should have been written about a month ago … Sometimes life happens! Never mind better late than never.

Here is another piece of my attempts at freestyle crochet. I’m really quite pleased with how it turned out.


I made use of my amigurumi skills.  Also, I used my double ended crochet hooks in continuous rounds producing an impressive effect.


The Tunisian simple stitch with two colours created a great look with a really flat  surface texture.


Currently I’m finishing off a commission and will finish off another Afghan soon.


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Lovely Hooks

In January it was my birthday. I received some beautiful double ended, symfonie crochet hooks from my mother and father in law.


They are lovely to look at; light to use, and allow me to do Tunisian crochet in the round. I can see them being useful when crocheting infinity scarves, hats and sleeves.

Whilst experimenting, I created a small band using the honeycomb stitch. I wasn’t too sure how well the stitch would work.


Not only did the stitch work really well but working in the round with two colours of yarn created a great effect.


I’ve used my double ended crochet hooks in another project that I’ll share soon.


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Honeycomb crochet stitch

youngatfifty recommended I have a go at the honeycomb (Tunisian crochet) stitch. It looks lovely and, just as she said, the fabric produced doesn’t curl or roll up on itself. Youngatfifty’s post on this stitch can be found here and features a great scarf she made.

Here’s my attempt.

It’s surprisingly simple. All you do is alternate between a Tunisian purl stitch and the Tunisian simple stitch.

I’ll definitely be using this in a project πŸ™‚


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The Tunisian Exploration

My Tunisian crochet hooks arrived just after Christmas and thankfully my husband didn’t decide to with hold them till my birthday on the 12th of January.

I started looking at written tutorials initially but quickly found a range of tutorials by The Crochet Crowd that I could follow more easily.

At first I used a 3mm hook and ended up with a  tight stitch and fabric that rolled up like a scroll.


I’ve since learned that this rolling is quite common. Mikey’s tutorials have some tips on how to reduce the amount the fabric rolls up. These include using a hook 3mm larger than you would ordinarily use; after the foundation row crocheting a purl row ,and crocheting a border/edge around the fabric.

My second attempt, with a larger hook, yielded a looser fabric which didn’t roll up quite as much.

I’m liking this method of crochet and have learned the standard stitch, Tunisian purl stitch and Tunisian knit stitch.

The knit stitch really does create a knitted look.


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Crochet slipper progress

So I’ve continued crocheting my monster slipper and am pleased with the progress I’ve made. All I’ve got left to do are the claws and finishing the ribbed cuff.

I’m now not actually sure I’ve done back post double crochets before. I have now! πŸ™‚ I think any ribbing I’ve done before has employed half double crochets and front post double crochets. This pattern uses both front and back.


Back post double crochets are tricky!


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Project blanky part 2: Repairing crochet is hard!

Last night’s crocheting was massively unsuccessful!

That said, I did actually learn quite a lot so that’s good. I attempted to reattach the inner blanket to the outer piece three times.

Issues I encountered were:
1. When  slip stitching the blanket together a visible ridge formed on the front. I didn’t like this.
2.I had done one round too many and had to undo a row.
3. When doing half double crochets and slip stitches, the round I was joining to became obscured.


So I left it for the night and went for a walk with my husband (gotta do those 10,000 steps a day -I ended up doing 14,000). Whilst walking I had a flash of inspiration. I could slip stitch the blanket together from behind.

Today, that is what I did. It worked πŸ™‚

There are definite issues with tension and there is a ridge on the back. However, the blanket…is not falling apart and is now in one piece as opposed to two. I’m considering this a win!

At the moment I’m blocking the blanket.


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Project blanky

Furiously crocheting, trying to repair my friend’s son’s blanket. Just taking a moment to check in and update.

Both pieces are safe from unravelling and I’m now recrocheting the rounds that were lost.

It’s taking it a little longer than I’d like and I’m aware there is a little boy who is to struggling  sleep without  his blanky. I imagine it will all be finished by Friday though. πŸ™‚

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