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The Bear Necessities

Two and half years in the making and finally my Lollo Bear is finished!


This project was started when I was quite new to crochet; I was slower and the organisation of all the motifs was a real struggle. I could feel the increased confidence and speed I now possess as I crocheted the arms and legs together this last week. It’s good to recognise and appreciate how far I’ve come.


The pattern for this project is available at ravelry by Heidi Bears (here). I love the care and attention the author has put into this pattern; it is incredibly detailed with lots of photos. It’s a big pattern though (huge actually) it’s split into several parts and, I thought, much too large to print. This wasn’t too much of a problem though as: the motif diagrams are on a checklist sheet, and the joining of motifs is similar throughout.


The arms and legs are attached via buttons and are able to move. I’m looking forward to finding this bear a good home; I have a good idea where he’s going. 🙂



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Bear a thought

Whilst trying to declutter, I read a tip that suggested getting rid of old incomplete craft projects that were simply taking up space. My mind instantly flitted to a couple of  projects that had stopped and just not progressed in a long time: an experimental scarf which was more about me testing out an idea, and Lollo the African flower bear (pattern can be found on ravelry).

Without any regret and wondering  why I hadn’t done it sooner, I frogged (unravelled) the scarf and wound up the yarn into a ball.  But as for my bear… No! There was no way I could throw away the body and head I’d made so long ago. It sat in a bag by the side of my bed waiting for me to be inspired- so sad.


I started crocheting this pattern at least two and half years ago. I made the head and body but got no further than making the motifs for the arms. I blogged about having stopped crocheting the bear (here) and had intentions to continue but alas untouched it sat.

The pattern is very detailed and broken into many parts. Being relatively new to crochet at the time I found its scope a little daunting. There were many motifs requiring various sized crochet hooks and a level of organisation I was struggling with.


If I wasn’t going to dispose of this unfinished project then there was only one thing to do; I needed to complete my bear.

That is exactly what I’ve been doing. Sadly, I’d long ran out of one of the colours of yarn that I had been using for the motifs so I had to be a little creative. I crocheted motifs using a different (but similar) colours and mixed these in with the arm motifs that I’d crocheted previously. It seems to be working and feels good to have made progress.


Tomorrow, I’ll post my finished bear. 🙂



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Pretty motif

Whilst sorting through my yarn stash, I dug out all the magazine’s I had hidden away. Flicking through the pages I’ve found some lovely patterns that I could make, now my skill levels have increased.

Perusing the pages, I’ve stumbled upon a lovely triangular motif. I’ve started to crochet it but haven’t finished yet. I think you can see where it’s heading though. 🙂


I’m now thinking of ways I could use this motif. Any ideas?


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Sunflower Scarf

I’ve finally finished my circular motif shawl – inspired scarf.

This was going to be a blanket or throw but I realised I’d used a brown that I would run out of. Terrible planning! Or maybe, a fortunate accident depending on your point of view.

SAMSUNG CSCIt’s lovely and bright but did require lots of weaving in of ends. On the plus side I do feel like I’m doing a much better job when weaving in ends… I just need to remember to leave enough length to do it properly.

Lacking a more lady like model I did the job myself. Whilst I’m not sure  I can pull it off, I’m pretty sure this could make a lovely gift for someone. 🙂



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WIP Wednesday

I started a blanket on boxing day (I think… I’m having memory issues). Since then I’ve realised I don’t have enough of the same shade of brown to make a blanket worth of Sun flowers. 😦

That’s what you get, I suppose, when you don’t plan these things more carefully.

But rather than scrap the whole thing; which I think was looking pretty good I decided to repurpose my project.

Blanket became scarf.


I’ve got about 6 smaller (side) motifs to join then it’s just a matter of weaving in the many many ends.


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Poor bear!


There are projects that I want to start. But I shouldn’t.

He sits there in the bag looking sad and forgotten. He feels incomplete like something missing! Poor bear!

Today I’m starting his arms, well crocheting the motifs I need. In all honesty I don’t know why he’s taken so long… I think it might be organising all the parts.

Anyhow, bear will be happy things are moving again 🙂


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WIP Wednesday


I must continue with my Lollo bear I’m making. I started this ages ago and the motifs are relatively easy to make.

However, the organisation of those motifs (which can, for some, body parts be slightly different sizes) is quite a challenge.

But I’ve only got the arms and legs left to do… it will look great when it’s done. I might try and crack on this weekend.

I’ll write a more comprehensive post when I’ve finished. The pattern for this bear isn’t free but is available here


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Feeling motif-ated

Yesterday, a friend described a  motif that was in a blanket belonging to her daughter. The crocheted blanket has seen better days but her little girl loves the pattern in it.

So after I’d done all the Work I needed to do at home, I had a go at creating the motif… I’m quite pleased with the result and am pretty sure that only minor tweaking will be required 🙂


Motif with supervising cat

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