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The king of procrastination

This should have been written about a month ago … Sometimes life happens! Never mind better late than never.

Here is another piece of my attempts at freestyle crochet. I’m really quite pleased with how it turned out.


I made use of my amigurumi skills.  Also, I used my double ended crochet hooks in continuous rounds producing an impressive effect.


The Tunisian simple stitch with two colours created a great look with a really flat  surface texture.


Currently I’m finishing off a commission and will finish off another Afghan soon.


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Lovely Hooks

In January it was my birthday. I received some beautiful double ended, symfonie crochet hooks from my mother and father in law.


They are lovely to look at; light to use, and allow me to do Tunisian crochet in the round. I can see them being useful when crocheting infinity scarves, hats and sleeves.

Whilst experimenting, I created a small band using the honeycomb stitch. I wasn’t too sure how well the stitch would work.


Not only did the stitch work really well but working in the round with two colours of yarn created a great effect.


I’ve used my double ended crochet hooks in another project that I’ll share soon.


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Giant Tunisian Crochet

The weekend before last, I went to a hobby and crafts show in Birmingham. I came back with plenty of yarn and best of all my 2.4 cm Tunisian crochet hook.


It wasn’t long before I put it to work making a nice, chunky scarf. I split open a bag of Patons “Colour Works Aran” and removed four balls.


Using the Tunisian simple stitch, I worked the four balls into a thick fabric weight chains wide (though I could/should have used ten, I think).

It took me about five days to crochet the scarf, from start to finish. However, I’m pretty sure that with the inclination and without distractions I could have made it  four hours.


It feels really soft and I reckon it will be gorgeously warm in  coming winter months.


I’m looking forward to making some nice chunky blankets  in the future.


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Tunisian Crochet On The Move

It’s our 3rd (+11) anniversary and we’re off on our holiday. I’m writing this on the train to London after enjoying a spot of tunisian crochet.


I’ve brought an ongoing slow growing WIP. I wanted something that wouldn’t take up much room and would be simple to pick up and put down.

I’m making a honeycomb stitch scarf. There’s no counting just alternating standard stitch and purl stitch. The patons colour works yarn means I don’t need to fiddle changing colours, it’s all done for me.

If I finish this ball of yarn I have another to keep me going. I intentionally left my scissors and yarn needles at home, I’ll just join the next ball and weave in the end when I return.

I’m looking forward to catching the Eurostar tomorrow and heading off to Amsterdam for a few days. 🙂

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Not enough hours!

I haven’t posted for nearly a week! Terrible!

Its not that I’ve dropped off the edge of the earth. I’ve just been a little busy at work now the schools are back; celebrating my birthday this last weekend, and most excitingly buying a new kitchen (more about that in another post)!

I’ve found a little time for crochet though. This will be a hanging carrier bag dispenser… honest… eventually 🙂



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Honeycomb crochet stitch

youngatfifty recommended I have a go at the honeycomb (Tunisian crochet) stitch. It looks lovely and, just as she said, the fabric produced doesn’t curl or roll up on itself. Youngatfifty’s post on this stitch can be found here and features a great scarf she made.

Here’s my attempt.

It’s surprisingly simple. All you do is alternate between a Tunisian purl stitch and the Tunisian simple stitch.

I’ll definitely be using this in a project 🙂


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A quick make

Yesterday, I was suddenly inspired to make an ipod cosy/sock. I wanted to use my  newly acquired Tunisian crochet skills.

I opted for the Tunisian stocking or knit stitch. It actually creates quite a thick fabric offering the ipod a little protection.

I’m not completely happy with the seams left from  slip stitching the sides together (inside out). I also thought the top looked a little unfinished so I added a little ribbing; which I think worked well.

Not too bad for my first attempt using Tunisian crochet 🙂


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