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Grey and yellow

Yesterday, a friend asked me if I’d make a baby blanket for her.  Not knowing if the baby is a boy or girl she asked if I could make it in grey and yellow (onot that the gender of the baby should matter- but some people like blue for boys and pink for girls).


I have quite a lot of yellow and grey in my stash so I made a start straight away.  I really like how these colours work together. I’m using half double crochet stitched with a 4mm hook.



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A crochet covered pebble

This last weekend, we went away for a couple of days. We were based near Cleethorpes, on England’s East coast,  and enjoyed spending some time with family.

We walked across the Humber bridge on Sunday and spent a sunny afternoon in Hull.  There was a nice shingle beach that we enjoyed pottering around on with our niece and nephews. The kids really enjoyed throwing larger pebbles into the mud, that was a little closer to the water, and listening for the very satisfying plop as they landed.

I too played around with the pebbles and collected some small smooth stones for a crochet project.

There are lots of examples of pebbles (large and small) being crocheted around on pinterest- take a look they are great. I thought I’d have a go perhaps producing something pendant sized that could go on a chain or cord.


I used the pictures I found as inspiration   and experimented with embroidery thread and a 1mm crochet hook. I’m quite pleased with how well it turned out.


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