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A sad post

Yesterday was a sad day.

Our beloved cat Elphaba became, suddenly, very sick and we had to rush her to our vets. After some testing, we discovered she was suffering from antifreeze poisoning.

Initially, we were livid but hopeful our vets treatment plan would work. We warned neighbours who also had cats and awaited news.

After about 7 hours from us racing to the vets we received the phone call no cat dad wants to receive. The vets said they’d done all the could and that it would be kinder to let our princess go.

We drove over to say goodbye. How Jonathan held himself together during the journey is beyond me. I know exactly how he must have been feeling.

When we arrived, we waited in the dimly lit waiting room and I could feel myself crumbling. We went through into the consultation room with a very supportive and apologetic vet and said our goodbyes.

I could actually feel the moment my heart broke.

There is no doubt in my mind that the greatest kindness we could bestow on Elphaba at that moment was to let her go.

We are here the day after remembering our beautiful little girl. All the pain we are feeling pales in comparison to the joy she brought into our lives.

We well miss you my little princess and  love you always x


RIP Elphaba


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Where’s Wally?

So last week it was World Book Day. Working in a school we never pass up on the chance to get dressed up. All the staff were asked to dress as Wally from Where’s Wally.

In total I crocheted 4 hats and sold 3. I made up my own pattern and used inexpensive wool from a local charity shop. Had more people known I was making them, I think l could have sold lots more.

My Tshirt was Β£2.50 from Primark and I used red insulating tape for the stripes.

I was rather pleased with my effort,


Where's Marky?

However, my favourite costume was one worn by one of the children. A very blue faced Smurfette πŸ™‚


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An actual sunny Sunday.

I must admit at first I was a little confused. Where is the thick blanket of cloud that has been with us for months?

I can see the Sun! Better still, with very little breeze it’s really quite peasant out.

We’re heading over to see our friends’ new house and meet their new addition Garfield (pusscat). It would be rude to arrive empty handed so I’ve made him a toy that is stuffed FULL with catnip πŸ™‚


It was great fun trying to crochet the ball closed whist fensing off our cats.


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Pretty motif

Whilst sorting through my yarn stash, I dug out all the magazine’s I had hidden away. Flicking through the pages I’ve found some lovely patterns that I could make, now my skill levels have increased.

Perusing the pages, I’ve stumbled upon a lovely triangular motif. I’ve started to crochet it but haven’t finished yet. I think you can see where it’s heading though. πŸ™‚


I’m now thinking of ways I could use this motif. Any ideas?


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A job well done

It’s been a while since my last blog post but I’m back. I’m not exactly sure why there has been a lapse in bloggification but hopefully things will return to normal in 3, 2, 1….

crochet shawl

I’ve finished my most recent creation The Staccato shawl featured in issue 50 of “Inside Crochet”. Β This was lovely to make, consisting of a pattern with three repeated rows to allow the shawl to grow and a simple edging. The Rowan cotton yarn was really enjoyable to work with; I shall be working with cotton and other such lighter yarns again!

shawl closeup

The Shawl needed a good blocking before I was happy with the way it looked but I think it’s turned out great. Β I’m loving the triangular pattern and use of chaining.

crochet shawl blog

Again lacking in willing models I did the job myself πŸ™‚

Using this lovely vibrant cotton yarn has had an unsettling effect on me. I’m now looking at pricier yarns (such as Kidsilk Haze) with great longing and enthusiasm. This may be making my husband nervous πŸ™‚


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