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Possibly one of the, unexpectedly, longest scarves in the world!!! or My first Scarf

Shortly after I began to crochet, I encountered something called crocodile stitch. It dawned on me what an amazing craft this was and that it had more versatility than I’d realised. Crochet was no longer about creating relatively simple fabrics using single and double crochets.

So I set about learning this stitch, or rather combination of stitches, with YouTube videos as my guide. More specifically “The Crochet Crowd” yet again had a detailed tutorial that I could patiently work my way through.  Quickly, I discovered that this was much more difficult than what I’d been doing up to this point. I failed and learned a new term Frogging (when you undo crochet that you’ve done, to correct a mistake).I put the wool and hook down and walked away.

After a break, I started again and crocodile like scales began to form. Excited from my sudden achievement I began my first scarf. A crocodile stitch scarf in green for my Mam. I knew how I wanted the scales to fall so I set about creating the length of the scarf… far too much length. I worked for a few weeks and finally finished it. My Mam was thrilled when I gave it to her even though the ends touched the floor if not wrapped around her neck several times (but that’s what mothers are supposed to do- right?).

My first scarf

My first scarf

The picture doesn’t really do it’s epic length justice but believe me… it was long! 🙂

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YouTube rocks

As I mentioned previously, I got started with crochet through watching YouTube videos. The ones that I found Most helpful were those posted by the crochet crowd (http://www.thecrochetcrowd.com/en/). The tutorials were really well constructed and with the ability to re-watch the same section of video multiple times was invaluable.

Here’s a link directly to the playlist that got me started http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL69F5A7FE3F95232F. If you are at all interested in starting to crochet I can’t recommend another starting off point more highly.


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