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Getting there!

Just an update on my crocheted sheep. The fleece is definitely getting there. Surely I’m will over half way.


I’m a little concerned that yesterday I started to talk to him as I was crocheting- stir crazy perhaps?


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So I think I mentioned before I’m in the middle of making a doll… Inspired by another pattern I have.

The original pattern was for a dragon but I really liked the style and body shape. I’ve decided to make a sheep doll.

It all crocheted together quite quickly but then I decided to give him a fleece! It’s one of those ideas which sounds good but you very quickly realise was baaaaad(sorry couldn’t resist).


I’m single crocheting into the surface of the doll, chaining 8, missing a stitch and repeating up the body. I’ll have to do the other leg later.


I think it looks awesome but it’s taking  a long time… Such a long time! I’m doing a baby blanket at the same time so I can flit from one to the other when I’ve had enough of the repetitiveness.

I have no doubt that my sheep will look great when he’s done though. 🙂


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Along with getting my crochet mojo back I’ve also been getting my art on. In actuality I started drawing before crocheting; I think the drawing rekindled my creative spark.


I’ve been exploring an abstract style I first started developing when I was a teenager. I might share more of my artwork here if there’s interest; tho I’m looking forward to sharing more of my crochet soon.


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Keeping abreast

Recently, my sister inlaw began training as a midwife. As part of her Course she and the other trainees needed knitted or crocheted breasts.


My sister inlaw can crochet and asked if I could help her crochet some  breasts for her cohort.  She found a pattern on the Lactation Consultants of Great Britain’s  website.


So far, I think I’ve made about 8 breasts. I’ve adapted the pattern so that rather than making two parts that needs to be stitched or crochet together, I just crochet one continuous piece. For round 22 I crocheted into back loops only (to create a sharp turn) and also began reducing.


Although not something I thought I’d be crocheting I do hope they prove useful.


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