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A Snood

I’ve wanted to crochet but it has been hard recently. There’s really no reason, as far as I can see, for the lack my lack of inspiration; I’ve found it really difficult to pick up a project. Putting pressure on myself wasn’t working so I decided it was ok to take a break.


Then this week I felt an urge. I rummaged though my boxes of yarn and choose some wool I need to use up (more about that later) and thought about how I could use it.


I’ve started making a Snood. I’m modelling it on a knitted one I purchased a few years ago.  I’m not doing anything complicated as the yarn is so pretty as it is.


It’s lovely to want to crochet again.


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Who knew!

This video is a really interesting look at crochet and links to mathematics. It’s long but interesting and rather inspiring. 🙂


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Shhhh! Brain be quiet!

We’ve come down to London for the weekend. 🙂

Whilst I’m here and not exploring I’m hoping to write a pattern for a snowflake. My first attempt isn’t going to work but that’s ok.

Funny how the mind works tho because at 4.44am, when stood outside the hotel shivering because the fire alarms had gone off, a flash of inspiration came.

I’ve now got a great idea for the last round of my snowflake (which is the bit I was struggling with). This did keep my brain chattering when I should have been getting sleep but that’s alright 🙂


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