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Bad blogger (hangs head in shame)

My last post was on the 5th of May. That’s awful!

I haven’t crocheted as much this last month or so. I’ve been tinkering(great word) around with my Tunisian hooks and doing school/work stuff.

In the last week I’ve made a baby gift. However, as it’s a gift all I can show at the moment is a very vague shot of colours and stitches.


I enjoy blogging but I can’t help feeling like this blog should be mostly focused on crochet. I don’t mind the odd post about other things but I kind of want those posts to be an exception to the rule.

Sooooo…… I’ve started another blog that I can run along side my crochet blog. It’s  geared towards my interest in  the law of attraction and I think I’ll feel a bit more inclined and able to waffle about other things. The name of my blog is Guy Who Allows. Feel free to take a look and follow if you’d like. 🙂


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Crocheted recycled basket


A good while ago I started a  crocheted basket. Rather than use chunky yarn or purchased tshirt yarn, I was eager to try out an idea I’d had.

With the help of a pair of sharp scissors and the ironing board, I cut up an old double quilt cover and matching pillow cases making my own rag yarn.

Working with the largest hook I had, 10mm, I began working on a spiral/circular base. When the base was the desired size I crocheted the next round through the back lips only and then worked the sides evenly.


Fiyero supervising photographs being taken

The other day, I thought the basket might look good with a lid so I  set about making a circle slightly bigger than the base and gave it sides like I did for the main basket.  In pleased with the result.

Ormskirk now to have a bit of extra space for my yarn stash 🙂



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Gary the Donkey

The name of this pattern is  actually Angharad the Donkey and is available from TOFT as part of Edward’s menagerie. However, the donkey I’ve crocheted looks more like a Gary to me.


The patterns in Edward’s menagerie are all very similar and result in several gorgeous amigurumi animals. The patterns are quite straight forward to crochet; that said I’m pleased I’m relatively experienced as a few elements of the pattern I had to extrapolate using past experience such as Gary’s facial features.


I used honeycomb stitch and my tunisian hook to make the scarf. I think it just finishes him off nicely giving him a bit of colour.

I like donkeys they are one of my favourite animals.  Gary reminds me of a visiting a Donkey Sanctuary on the Isle of Wight a few years ago. Entry was free and we spent hours there watching the residents strolling in the sunshine and rolling on their backs (I didn’t know they did that).  They were so happy and so well looked after. 🙂



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