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Crochet monster slippers

I love my finished slippers!

I bought the pattern by “knits for life” from etsy for £3.15. It was relatively straight forward to use giving instructions on sizing. I think the pattern was well worth the price and I’m looking forward to making these again.

The ribbing was crocheted using front and back post double crochets. It’s easy to learn how to do these from youtube videos. I love the effect.

Fiyero isn’t sure though! (What do cats know anyway?!)

The slippers have also given me an idea! I might adapt this pattern to make monstrous mittens! What do you think? 🙂


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Finished slippers and a crocheted Christmas

I have finished my slippers and as promised I’ll model them. However, light had faded to the point that any picture I would have taken would have had to have been lit with indoor lighting. I much prefer natural light. Tomorrow I’ll wear my monster slippers that were really quite easy to make and look awesome.

Jonathan (husband) has pointed out twice that walking in my new slippers could be detrimental to my health. And he is of course quite correct… I’m incredibly clumsy and regularly trip over things that aren’t there! 🙂

Christmas is now so close I can taste it and all my gifts that I’m making are made, and thanks to Jonathan wrapped. I’m looking forward to sharing some of the things I’ve made that are presents… not long.

We are sharing presents, mainly, this year as we mostly like the same sort of things. The only things I’ve specifically asked for are some larger bamboo crochet hooks;Tunisian crochet hooks and a ball winder. I wonder what everyone else would like for Christmas this year?

These hooks I stumbled across on pinterest are great! What a gift they’d make.

Wooden sticks made into crochet hooks – http://pinterest.com/pin/94927504619540862/


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Crochet crazy

It happened quite suddenly last night! Excitement raced through my body and I was filled with eagerness.

The reason for this… I had simply glanced at a ball of wool (as I was finishing the scarf I’ve been working on). I knew that today I could start making my monster slippers!

Minor blip this morning though when I couldn’t find my 8mm hook. I started to get a little twitchy but finally found it down the side of the sideboard. Phew!

I’m liking the way it’s crocheting together. These are the toes, so far so good.


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