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Tom Daley

Mostly, my blog is about crochet. but every now and again I think I’d like to diversify my posts. This post is different to those I usually write but still close to my heart.

This week, Tom Daley, British Olympic champion who won  a bronze medal for individual diving, revealed he had a boyfriend. He didn’t say he was gay or bisexual  but did share his relationship in a youtube video.

This video resulted in much wonderful support for Tom. Sadly, as expected it has also lead to some verbal attacks and needless nastiness.

One thing that has shocked me some peoples (probably well intentioned) views on coming out and how unimportant it is. “It doesn’t matter that he’s gay” and “this isn’t something he needed to share” are comments that I’ve seen in a few places whilst stumbling around the internet.

I beg to differ. We are born into a world where everyone is regarded as being born heterosexual. This is just the way it is… not wrong… not right… just the way it is. So when I person realises that they are gay, lesbian,bisexual or trans they are faced with a monumental task. They will have to challenge what everyone thinks about them, reveal something really personal. This can be scary- there just isn’t anyway to be certain how people will react.

Tom’s video has resulted in lots of young gay people feeling inspired to come out to their families and friends. It has allowed many people to embrace themselves and who they are.  I know from personal experience how scary it is to know you are gay and to hide it from everyone. You feel like you are lying to everyone. Like you are ashamed of who you are. How wonderful that Tom, revealing he is in a same sex relationship, has helped so many people be authentic to who they are.

In my opinion coming out is truly accepting yourself. It’s finally feeling comfortable in your skin. It’s being honest and open. It’s being proud of who you are. It’s brave!

Congratulations Tom on being true to yourself and being a role model and inspiration to so many people.


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