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A productive week

This is the first chance I’ve had to blog for a few days. I’ve had a really busy week and still seem to be catching up with myself -it was a great week though. 🙂

Even though I was working, training and commuting (not something I normally have to do) I still found time to crochet.


This is the start of my blanket that began working on on the train.

I’m also making a commissioned bride and groom. Hopefully, they will be complete tomorrow. I’ll post lots of pictures when I have better light.

Tonight, I’ve been working on the bride’s head and attaching hair.



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Why I love my hair

I’m 33 but look older. This is due, in main, to my hair colour. I have lots of grey/white/platinum hair 🙂

I got my first grey hairs when I was 12. And they really took hold in my late 20s.
Not liking or being ready for all this, I began dyeing it. I say I but this became my husband Jonathan’s reluctant monthly job. However, my roots showed so fast it felt like I was fighting a losing battle.


Jon and I at our wedding

Eventually, I decided to cut my medium length very curly hair shorter and embrace the grey. I liked it, and so did everyone else. People said I looked younger. I wasn’t sure I looked younger but I appreciated the change.

A couple of months ago my grandad transitioned (died). It was sudden and sad and he is missed by many but he is still here in my heart. Whilst enjoying my memories of him, I realised/remembered that my premature greying comes from my grandad.

My grey hair now reminds me of my grandad and is now such a special part of me. When my friend’s and husband start developing those first flecks of noticeable grey it’s highly likely my hair will be completely white…platinum.

I don’t mind this one tiny bit 🙂



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