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Project blanky complete

Today I gave my friend her repaired blanket back.

She was so pleased and so appreciative. It was a lovely feeling handing over something that was so valuable to her. 🙂

Obviously the first thing I did was point out imperfections such as the seam on the back and the different tensions going on. None of that Mattered though 🙂

This has truly been one of my favourite projects.



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Project blanky part 2: Repairing crochet is hard!

Last night’s crocheting was massively unsuccessful!

That said, I did actually learn quite a lot so that’s good. I attempted to reattach the inner blanket to the outer piece three times.

Issues I encountered were:
1. When  slip stitching the blanket together a visible ridge formed on the front. I didn’t like this.
2.I had done one round too many and had to undo a row.
3. When doing half double crochets and slip stitches, the round I was joining to became obscured.


So I left it for the night and went for a walk with my husband (gotta do those 10,000 steps a day -I ended up doing 14,000). Whilst walking I had a flash of inspiration. I could slip stitch the blanket together from behind.

Today, that is what I did. It worked 🙂

There are definite issues with tension and there is a ridge on the back. However, the blanket…is not falling apart and is now in one piece as opposed to two. I’m considering this a win!

At the moment I’m blocking the blanket.


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Deep breathe

This is it, I’m re-attaching the two parts of the blanky! See you on the other side!

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Project blanky

Furiously crocheting, trying to repair my friend’s son’s blanket. Just taking a moment to check in and update.

Both pieces are safe from unravelling and I’m now recrocheting the rounds that were lost.

It’s taking it a little longer than I’d like and I’m aware there is a little boy who is to struggling  sleep without  his blanky. I imagine it will all be finished by Friday though. 🙂

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Crochet repair

So, I’m doing something new this evening.

A friend asked me if I could repair a crocheted blanket. The blanket is her son’s comfort blanket and she was quite upset it was unravelling. She’d attempted to stop it from coming apart any more but can’t crochet.

The blanket is in two parts. I’ve detached the inner section and crocheted around the edge. I’m confident this will stop this from unraveling any further.

I’m now going to have a go at the outer part. Once I’ve stopped it from falling apart I can think about joining them together.

It’s nice knowing that repairing this will mean so much to someone. 🙂


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