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Hedgehog Giveaway

Last week, I decided that to boost the number of likes on my Facebook page I’d hold a give away.  I’m really pleased with the results. I’m not quite at my target of 200 likes but very close. I also discovered that you could change the name of a page; I did this and Mark’s Crochet page became Guy Who Crochets page. 🙂  Streamlining my brand.


I made this hedgehog during the Summer. I particularly proud of this amigurumi as I completely designed it myself. The spikes were an adaptation of the surface crochet I’d used on the TOFT sheep I’d crocheted.


If you use facebook feel free to drop by and like my page. I’ll pick a follower randomly once I hit 200 likes and get her/him posted off to their new home.


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A prickly situation

I’ve just finished crocheting a larger hedgehog. Spike doesn’t seem too bothered by it’s proximity so I can only conclude it’s friendly. 🙂


I’ve enjoyed working on some quicker projects. I’m going to be making some more Amigurumi soon as I’ve just bought some lovely patterns from Toft alpaca. 🙂


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An inspired hedgehog

I woke up yesterday and the first thing I thought of was a way to do the spikes on an amigurumi hedgehog. I have no idea why this popped into my head; it wasn’t something I’d been focusing on at all.

There are some lovely amigurumi hedgehogs out there. Many use a yarn that has lots of threads coming off the main strand, this is a great way of making the hedgehog look spikey. However,  I don’t have any of this yarn.

But, as I said, I’ve thought of a way to put spikes on a crocheted hedgehog.  A different way that I’ve never seen before. Although I’m sure I wont be the only person to have thought of this.


After crocheting and stuffing a hedgehog shaped head and body (all one piece), I crocheted on the surface of the body. I used single crochets, picots and chains to create a spikey look.


I used a brightly coloured yarn (just to be different) and didn’t use a pattern.  I think the nose may have been a little too long, I’ll shorten it slightly for future hedgehogs.


I’m pleased with the finished result, I’ll be making another tomorrow, tweaking things slightly. 🙂


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