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WIP Wednesday

I started a blanket on boxing day (I think… I’m having memory issues). Since then I’ve realised I don’t have enough of the same shade of brown to make a blanket worth of Sun flowers. 😦

That’s what you get, I suppose, when you don’t plan these things more carefully.

But rather than scrap the whole thing; which I think was looking pretty good I decided to repurpose my project.

Blanket became scarf.


I’ve got about 6 smaller (side) motifs to join then it’s just a matter of weaving in the many many ends.


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I love it when a plan comes together


The other day I designed a small flower/motif based upon one described by a friend.

Six motifs were created and stitched around a crocheted sphere. My friend’s daughter can hang onto this when her comfort blanket eventually falls apart (hopefully not for a good while).

I enjoyed this short project and wonder whether something like this might make a nice wardrobe freshener if filled with potpourri or lavender. πŸ™‚


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Feeling motif-ated

Yesterday, a friend described a  motif that was in a blanket belonging to her daughter. The crocheted blanket has seen better days but her little girl loves the pattern in it.

So after I’d done all the Work I needed to do at home, I had a go at creating the motif… I’m quite pleased with the result and am pretty sure that only minor tweaking will be required πŸ™‚


Motif with supervising cat

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Cat in a Hat

Who doesn’t love a cat Β in a hat? Especially when it’s a crocheted hat πŸ™‚




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A rose by any other name

One of the first things I learned to make were crocheted roses. The nicest pattern that I found was part of a Youtube video.

They’re easy and effective to make; you’ll find them enhancing quite a few of my projects.

Twine rose



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