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Snood it be any better?! (sorry)

I’ve finished a project! Yes it was simple.Yes it was quick. But its finished… even the ends have been woven in!


In actuality, I’ve finished two projects because whilst I was crocheting I could see I would have enough yarn for ย gloves or mittens. I opted for Wristers which I have made lots of times before (see here). ย I did however tweak the pattern slightly, so that the ribbing on the cuffs was more pronounced I alternated front post double crochets and back post double crochets (US terms)


I’m rather pleased with how it’s all turned out turned out. I used a 10mm crochet hook and created a round of about 64 stitches. I then worked a spiral (like amigurumi) using double crochets (US terms) forming a tube til it was about arm length. I worked in a spiral as I’m really not keen on seems left when joining rounds and chaining up; others may not see it but I do. ๐Ÿ™‚


The colours are really autumnal and I’m not convinced the photographs do the piecesย justice. Also, lacking a more glamorous model I had to do the job myself. ๐Ÿ™‚



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A Snood

I’ve wanted to crochet but it has been hard recently. There’s really no reason, as far as I can see, for the lack my lack of inspiration; I’ve found it really difficult to pick up a project. Putting pressure on myself wasn’t working so I decided it was ok to take a break.


Then this week I felt an urge. I rummaged though my boxes of yarn and choose some wool I need to use up (more about that later) and thought about how I could use it.


I’ve started making a Snood. I’m modelling it on a knitted one I purchased a few years ago.  I’m not doing anything complicated as the yarn is so pretty as it is.


It’s lovely to want to crochet again.


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Giant Tunisian Crochet

The weekend before last, I went to a hobby and crafts show in Birmingham. I came back with plenty of yarn and best of all my 2.4 cm Tunisian crochet hook.


It wasn’t long before I put it to work making a nice, chunky scarf. I split open a bag of Patons “Colour Works Aran” and removed four balls.


Using the Tunisian simple stitch, I worked the four balls into a thick fabric weight chains wide (though I could/should have used ten, I think).

It took me about five days to crochet the scarf, from start to finish. However, I’m pretty sure that with the inclination and without distractions I could have made it  four hours.


It feels really soft and I reckon it will be gorgeously warm in  coming winter months.


I’m looking forward to making some nice chunky blankets  in the future.


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Crocheted to completion

Isn’t that moment when you finish a project (or projects) lovely? Even quick projects hold a sweet satisfaction upon their completion.

I finished the scarf I mentioned in my last post a couple of days ago. It’s got a lovely light but warm feel to it and was so easy to crochet. All I did was use double crochets (US terms) chains to create a grid/net to the length I desired. ๐Ÿ™‚


I’ve also crocheted a hat using the same Patons Colour Works Aran.


The hat has ribbing created  through alternating front post double crochets and single crochets. The pattern is free; designed by Nancy Smith, and available from www.nlsstitchings.com.



So now onto my next project… Minion (from despicable me) inspired amigurumi!


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A simple scarf

I managed to get my hands on quite a lot of Patons Colour Works Aran at a bargain price. Better still the colors are gender neutral (not that colours should be gender specific, but that’s getting off point).


I’m making some accessories for when it turns colder. Some of them may be destined to become Christmas gifts.

I’ve started with a simple scarf consisting of double crochet (US terms) and chains to create squares. I’m using a 10mm crochet hook so it has a very loose, mesh like and soft look.


I think I’m about two thirds of the way through; I’ll share a picture of the completed project within the week.

After this, I’m planning on a hat and fingerless gloves using the same yarn. That said, I’ve also got a couple of Amigurumi minions to make for a friend… we’ll see what I’m inspired to crochet first. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Picking up where I left off

I’ve two finished projects that I’d love to share but can’t. As soon as the projects have reached their owners I’ll reveal. ๐Ÿ™‚

Schools have broken up so I’ve got some time off. Although I’m part time (by choice), I’ve been teaching nearly full time for the last few weeks. I’m pleased I can now dedicate some time to other things I love to do ๐Ÿ™‚

And the first thing I’m working on?


I’ve picked back up a shawl I started ages ago. I’m finding I can only crochet in small bursts with the kid silk yarn though; my hands get far too hot!

When it’s complete it will definitely need to be blocked but I’m liking the way it looks and it’s softness to the touch is wonderful



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A job well done

It’s been a while since my last blog post but I’m back. I’m not exactly sure why there has been a lapse in bloggification but hopefully things will return to normal in 3, 2, 1….

crochet shawl

I’ve finished my most recent creation The Staccato shawl featured in issue 50 of “Inside Crochet”. ย This was lovely to make, consisting of a pattern with three repeated rows to allow the shawl to grow and a simple edging. The Rowan cotton yarn was really enjoyable to work with; I shall be working with cotton and other such lighter yarns again!

shawl closeup

The Shawl needed a good blocking before I was happy with the way it looked but I think it’s turned out great. ย I’m loving the triangular pattern and use of chaining.

crochet shawl blog

Again lacking in willing models I did the job myself ๐Ÿ™‚

Using this lovely vibrant cotton yarn has had an unsettling effect on me. I’m now looking at pricier yarns (such as Kidsilk Haze) with great longing and enthusiasm. This may be making my husband nervous ๐Ÿ™‚


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Sunflower Scarf

I’ve finally finished my circular motif shawl – inspired scarf.

This was going to be a blanket or throw but I realised I’d used a brown that I would run out of. Terrible planning! Or maybe, a fortunate accident depending on your point of view.

SAMSUNG CSCIt’s lovely and bright but did require lots of weaving in of ends. On the plus side I do feel like I’m doing a much better job when weaving in ends… I just need to remember to leave enough length to do it properly.

Lacking a more lady like model I did the job myself. Whilst I’m not sure ย I can pull it off, I’m pretty sure this could make a lovely gift for someone. ๐Ÿ™‚



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Bright and cheery blanketyness

Unable to resist I’ve started a new project! A sunflower blanket/afghan.

I’ve no pattern as such but I’m using motifs from a shawl (circular motif shawlย – free pattern) I made for my mam for Christmas. The shawl I made uses a Patons colour change aran and requires no changing for the colour variation… the yarn does all the work.

SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCThe motifs aren’t too hard to crochet and they join together in the last round so you join as you go-which I quite liked. There was quite a lot of weaving to do though, I kind of wished I did that as I went along too. ๐Ÿ™‚

My mam was very pleased with her gift and my dad couldn’t believe I’d made it by hand.

I thought it might be nice to make another but larger and to play with the colours of the rounds to make sun flowers. I’m liking the effect so far!



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Crocheted woven loveliness

I’ve just about completed the scarf. All I’ve got left to do is add a fringe to the ends. ๐Ÿ™‚


I’m really pleased with the way it looks. However, I must admit I wasn’t completely sold until I’d woven half of the chains through the mesh.

The only issue I’ve really encountered was crocheting the chains. They are crocheted before being woven and I found it quite difficult to guage the  length I needed. This resulted in quite a lot of wasted yarn (well not wasted… I’ll find a use ๐Ÿ™‚ )


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