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Why so shy?

For the next three days I’m on a course in Matlock, Derbyshire. The course sounds really interesting and it trains me up to carry out a reading intervention/programme called boosting reading potential. I’ll also be able to train others in the use of this programme.

Not being a driver (tried to learn
… gave up… at peace with this),  I’ve travelled using bus and train. I love that there are so many convenient public transport links for me to use.

Knowing I’d have a fair bit of time to wait around, I threw a couple of balls of yarn, a hook and a pair of scissors in my bag. On the train, I crocheted the start of a blanket.


What I don’t get is why I felt so self conscious about crocheting in public. I was very sneaky and only crocheted when no one was looking (the train emptied out twice).

I know I can crochet, more than that I’m really quite good at it. Maybe boosting my confidence is something to work on for the next couple of days- proudly crocheting in public and not giving a second thought to what anybody else thinks! 🙂


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