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Crochet cat nest

Just before summer, inspired by Pinterest, I crocheted a cat nest/cave/house.

I was terribly excited as it was my first time using t-shirt yarn.

I used a free pattern and I think I tweaked it as  mad I e it. It worked together quickly but really made my arms ache (I’ve no muscle to speak of). Crocheting t-shirt yarn requires a more physical approach it would seem.

I was quite pleased with the results. However, not one of my four cats have used it. 😦 …. until last week.

Fiyero (big ginger) or Oscar (old dog, cat dad) flattened the nest. I moaned and grumbled, until later when I saw NessaRose (shy cat) using it.

I’ve reshaped the cat nest into a nicer form and now three of my cats have used it for a snooze 🙂



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