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Another string to my bow

The other night, whilst shopping for ingredients for Christmas cakes (plural I’ve made four and have at least one more to go) I discovered a bargain.


Some fancy yarn (sashay? Not redheart tho) was sat innocently in a reduced basket. Whilst not certain of the colour I knew that this sort of yarn  was normally quite expensive. It was always something that I had wanted to learn to use. So I grabbed a couple of balls and headed to the tills, pleased with my find.

I looked at a couple of tutorials and learned that this yarn can be used in a number of ways. But what really helped me the most was a crochet crowd video.


Quickly, I made a scarf and I’m now onto my second having tweaked the instructions to hopefully make a thicker scarf with more ruffles. I love learning new things; especially when those new skills result  in possible Christmas presents. 🙂


Thicker scarf


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