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Crochet Obsessed

Considering I only started my blanket a week ago I’m pleased with how much it’s grown. This is mainly because I’m ever so slightly obsessed!

Every spare moment, I seem to have the blanket on my lap and a crochet hook in my hand. It’s lovely that being so simple I can just crochet without having to keep looking at a pattern. At one point I wasn’t having to look.

Then last night, I realised I’d missed a space and had to frog a round and a half- and now these rounds are getting big! Overconfidence?  A bit gutted, I’m giving myself a night off from the blanket.

But a night off from crocheting?


Tonight I shall start my “Where’s Wally?” hat. There is a purpose to this that will be revealed in due course. Here’s the wool I’m going to use.



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