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Bride & Groom: The Next (crocheted) Generation

I finished this project a couple of weeks ago but needed to wait for the big day to pass before I shared my handiwork.


At the beginning of September, I was asked (by a colleague) to crochet another bride and groom. I was a little apprehensive as I was crocheting the amigurumi from my last post and was uncertain if I’d have the time. However, I agreed and began work on the figures as soon as I’d finished the minions I had been working on.

With the brides and grooms I’ve made previously I used no patterns and this project was no different. I had a couple of photos and some very much appreciated details to work with such as colour schemes, hair styles and flower choices.


I’m especially pleased with with the hair on the figures and built it up using lots of repeated stitches. When I compare the hair in this project to the hair on the previous brides and grooms I’ve made I can see so much progress.


Also, the bouquet of sunflowers turned out well. I used a 1 mm crochet hook and embroidery thread. Whilst it was quite fiddly I think the effort was worth it.

I think the body shapes turned out great and was constantly comparing the two dolls as I crocheted. This definitely helped to get the proportions right. I really like the shaping on the bride and think the addition of the antique lace edging to the dress sets it off; aswell as creating more definition between the bride’s skin and the ivory wedding dress.



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An Unconventional Bride and Groom

Yay! I can talk about one of my recent projects. Yesterday, I received a message from my friend saying the recipients of my latest project loved it… or rather them.

I was asked by a friend to make another crocheted bride and groom. This is the same friend who asked me to crochet a bride and groom previously. She asked if I could add a few embellishments such as having the groom wearing a football shirt with a Nottingham Forest logo on it, and the bride holding a bottle of wine.

I certainly gave it a good go!


No pattern, I just made it up as I went and am pleased with how the figures turned out.


The trickiest aspects I found were the bride’s hair and the logo on the grooms top. The logo was produced using several chains of white which I pinned into shape. The bride’s hair was basically embroidered on, this took a long time but worked well. 🙂



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