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Raggy crocheted basket

I’ve not yet finished the basket I’m making but I’ve made progress that I’m happy with.


This is made from a long strip of fabric  cut from an old quilt cover and pillow cases. It’s crocheting together nicely though it does require a little more physical strength (it feels like I’m using my whole arms).

I’m thinking I’ll be able to use my basket for balls of yarn that I’m using, rather than a carrier bag.

I love the fact that I’m repurposing something that would have ordinarily been thrown away. In addition to this making something that looks quite nice too. 🙂


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Recycling and crochet

This weekend just gone, I purchased a good pair of fabric scissors. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and have had a bag of fabric sat waiting to be cut up for months.

What I wanted to do was make my own yarn out of old shirts and the like. I think I was inspired by tshirt yarn but also I like the idea of squeezing a little more like out of these old fabrics.

To begin with, I’ve cut up an old quilt cover and matching pillowcases. This took quite some time and resulted in an achey hand and a great big ball of Orange and yellow rag yarn (there may be a better name for it?).

I’ve started to crochet this into a basket that I will post pictures of later this week. It’s going quite well. The fabric is fraying a little as I crochet but this was something I expected 🙂

Right best get back to it 🙂

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