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Gary the Donkey

The name of this pattern is  actually Angharad the Donkey and is available from TOFT as part of Edward’s menagerie. However, the donkey I’ve crocheted looks more like a Gary to me.


The patterns in Edward’s menagerie are all very similar and result in several gorgeous amigurumi animals. The patterns are quite straight forward to crochet; that said I’m pleased I’m relatively experienced as a few elements of the pattern I had to extrapolate using past experience such as Gary’s facial features.


I used honeycomb stitch and my tunisian hook to make the scarf. I think it just finishes him off nicely giving him a bit of colour.

I like donkeys they are one of my favourite animals.  Gary reminds me of a visiting a Donkey Sanctuary on the Isle of Wight a few years ago. Entry was free and we spent hours there watching the residents strolling in the sunshine and rolling on their backs (I didn’t know they did that).  They were so happy and so well looked after. 🙂



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