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A productive week

This is the first chance I’ve had to blog for a few days. I’ve had a really busy week and still seem to be catching up with myself -it was a great week though. 🙂

Even though I was working, training and commuting (not something I normally have to do) I still found time to crochet.


This is the start of my blanket that began working on on the train.

I’m also making a commissioned bride and groom. Hopefully, they will be complete tomorrow. I’ll post lots of pictures when I have better light.

Tonight, I’ve been working on the bride’s head and attaching hair.




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Crocheting Dirk

Several weeks ago I purchased a pattern for an amigurumi doll. His name is Dirk and I discovered him on Pinterest. Dirk the Dragon/Dinosaur


I loved making Dirk and he didn’t take long to crochet at all. The pattern was well written and easy to follow.  Lydia Tresselt who designed Dirk has also written similar patterns for different dolls with the same sort of style. I shall definitely be buying more of her patterns in the future and perhaps adapting and tweaking the patterns to develop my own creations (I have ideas! 🙂 )


I showed the children I work with the legs I was making, just as I was joining them together. This lead to a discussion on trousers for cats and subsequently dungarees hehe. (more ideas… my poor cats!!!)


I’m sure I will attempt this pattern again. Next time, however, I shall make full use of  invisible decreases as those on the head are really visible (I discovered invisible decreases two days after making the head).


I’m still a little in awe with how the ears are worked. They look quite complex but are actually relatively simple to put together.

The wool I used was Patons’-Smoothie except for the scarf which was Patons’- Colour Works Aran. The main colour was mainly blue with hints of purples. The Smoothie range is nice to work with, it rarely snags, and has a nice sort of shine to it. I found some rather lovely green buttons for eyes and crocheted the scarf rather than knitted (I tried to knit… much practise needed lol). I’m incredibly happy with the way Dirk came out 🙂



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