My name is Mark and I’m a guy living in Derbyshire in the UK. My family consists of my husband Jonathan, Oscar (dog), 4 cats, a degu and 2 chinchillas.

I’m a primary school teacher and Reiki practitioner.

I am very creative and enjoy painting, drawing and most of all crochet.

Twine rose

Many of the crochet projects I make are gifts however I do also enjoy selling the things I make. I’ve yet to write and sell a pattern but this is something I’d like to do.

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26 responses to “About

  1. Nice to meet you, Mark….I like to do some knitting on the side too!!

  2. Great blog. Looking forward to following your makes.

  3. Oh, OH!!! A crochet man! How wonderful to meet you 🙂 Thanks for the follow! Your blog is delightful and I am following you right back! Your crochet is fabulous really, and I am enviously inspired! :p

  4. Victoria

    I love a Guy who crochets!

  5. Hello! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! Thanks for all the awesomeness on your blog! The information regarding it is at this link, http://blanketsforlinus.wordpress.com/2014/02/21/liebster-award/
    please enjoy!!! 😀

  6. Great blog Mark, Rock ‘n’ Roll Crochet!! Yeah!

  7. Hi Mark,

    I’ve just nominated you for the versatile blogger award 🙂 You can check it out on my post


    Hope you decide to take part,

  8. Hi, I really enjoy your blog so I have nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog! I see you have already been nominated but I suppose it can’t hurt to be nominated again 🙂

  9. Hi Mark, I am happy I found your blog. Want to congratulate you on magnificent work you do. Looking forward to see your future projects 🙂

  10. Hello! I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award because I so enjoy reading your posts! Detail are here: http://bonnyknits.com/2014/11/23/one-lovely-blog-award/

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  12. Hi Mark,
    I came across your blog while looking for some inspiration on the net – and I am really glad I did because you are creative and inspiring.
    I also love to crochet (I knit as well, but not so often) and I also give many of my works as gifts.
    I think natural colour hair suits you better than dyed dark. I understand you very well because I also started to turn grey quite early. Some years ago I said no to dying hair and I actually like my grey hair. My husband stopped to say “Have your hair dyed, you’ll feel better”. The colour of my hair has actually very little to do with how I feel.
    I present my works on my blog, but it is in my native language which is Polish.
    I wonder if you know Arne and Carlos – http://www.arne-carlos.com – they published a few books which I find inspiring – I think you would like them unless you already know them.
    All the best to you, Ivory

  13. I just found your blog, your freestyle crochet is awesome. I’m learning myself so I look forward to keeping up with your crochet.

  14. I love your blog. As a guy who crochets also, its nice to see that perspective. check out my friend and I’s blog. malehookers.net if you get a chance. Happy Hooking!

  15. Sam Osmond

    I’m enjoying reading your blog Mark, thank you for sharing

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