So I think I mentioned before I’m in the middle of making a doll… Inspired by another pattern I have.

The original pattern was for a dragon but I really liked the style and body shape. I’ve decided to make a sheep doll.

It all crocheted together quite quickly but then I decided to give him a fleece! It’s one of those ideas which sounds good but you very quickly realise was baaaaad(sorry couldn’t resist).


I’m single crocheting into the surface of the doll, chaining 8, missing a stitch and repeating up the body. I’ll have to do the other leg later.


I think it looks awesome but it’s taking  a long time… Such a long time! I’m doing a baby blanket at the same time so I can flit from one to the other when I’ve had enough of the repetitiveness.

I have no doubt that my sheep will look great when he’s done though. 🙂


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5 responses to “Laborious

  1. good luck with that, it looks awesome. Oh, your doll reminded me of these! Have you seen them yet? They are so cool

    • Absolutely that’s where I got my pattern for Dirk the Dragon from. Her patterns are amazing and nice and straightforward to follow, I highly recommend.

      It’s a great base pattern to work from I’ve Tweaked feet and hands; replaced tail with something more sheepish, and ears are more rounded. Oh and of course I’ve given him a fleece.

  2. I made a rather large Lion for my daughter a couple years back, and hooked it’s fur into every stitch on it’s body (and then had to trim most of it short after all that effort! Lol), so I’m totally with you on the laborious aspect – mind you, despite how long it may take, I’m sure your sheep doll will be worth it – it looks amazing just in those partial shots 🙂

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