Crocheted recycled basket


A good while ago I started a  crocheted basket. Rather than use chunky yarn or purchased tshirt yarn, I was eager to try out an idea I’d had.

With the help of a pair of sharp scissors and the ironing board, I cut up an old double quilt cover and matching pillow cases making my own rag yarn.

Working with the largest hook I had, 10mm, I began working on a spiral/circular base. When the base was the desired size I crocheted the next round through the back lips only and then worked the sides evenly.


Fiyero supervising photographs being taken

The other day, I thought the basket might look good with a lid so I  set about making a circle slightly bigger than the base and gave it sides like I did for the main basket.  In pleased with the result.

Ormskirk now to have a bit of extra space for my yarn stash πŸ™‚



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12 responses to “Crocheted recycled basket

  1. GillW

    What a great idea. Looks really good too.

  2. Why have I never thought of doing things like this? You young people are so clever and innovative! It really ticks all the boxes. Attractive, functional and good for the planet. No wonder Fiyero looks pleased!

  3. What a great idea for up-cycling! Co-incidentally I’m working on a basket at the moment too, using up some old stash yarn. It will also be used to store more yarn in! πŸ™‚

  4. Great idea, I’m loving the orange!!

  5. Its a great basket & idea, I know where my old cover is going now, thanks!

  6. What width did you cut up the strips Mark? My new hobby seems to have suddenly taken over the sitting room and need somewhere pleasing to the eye to store everything x

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