WIP Wednesday: Staccato Shawl

I’m currently crocheting this shawl from a pattern in a magazine (issue 50 of “Inside Crochet”). I’m using my bargain cotton yarn I obtained at the weekend-Rowan Sienna 4 ply at half price!

Initially, the pattern seemed a bit fiddly but  after a while the last three rows begin to repeat. This afternoon I found a rhythm and got quite a lot done. 🙂


Shawl in progress with supervisory cat


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10 responses to “WIP Wednesday: Staccato Shawl

  1. loobyloucreations

    that looks gorgeous and the colour is lovely 🙂 I wish I could crochet I just can not get to grips with it at all! Also your cat is adorable

  2. roma1912

    your crochet quality control cat looks pretty impressed by all your hard work 🙂

  3. Spike looks like he’s looking at the yarn and considering whether batting it about would be a good plan..

  4. Spike is obviously impressed! What a great color and isn’t it great when one finds the rhythm! 🙂

  5. This is really lovely. I really love crochet in fine yarn.

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