Amigurumi wedded bliss

A week ago I started to crochet two amigurumi figures, though I’ve only worked on them during the weekends. Someone I work with asked me if I could make a bride and groom. I said I probably could and set about looking for patterns. There are a few nice pins on pinterest but nothing that really took my fancy so I decided to design my own.

I’m pleased with the finished figures. I’m especially satisfied with the small flowers that I used on the groom and the bouquet (thanks Pinterest); the colour changes for the shirt, and the brides hair (which took most of last night). ļæ¼


The parts that I found the most difficult to do were the faces. I’ve used wool for features in the past and it made the faces look ridiculous. This time l used thin thread which has worked much better. However, I do think that embroidery thread may have been the thread to have used… next time!




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14 responses to “Amigurumi wedded bliss

  1. Mark,they are gorgeous!!!!! ā¤

  2. oh Mark, I have been an amigurumi maker and teacher for over 40 yrs. Your bride and groom are such a triumph!!! You and youngatfifty have the gift of awesome 3D crochet. I LOVE THEM!! The hair is especially good and I LOLed about it’s all nightness. I have been up all night on more than one occasion trying to race the dawn. :-). I just know your bride and groom will bring extra love and happiness to the recipients. AND thanks for posting them so we can see them..

  3. Fantastic Mark…a labour of love. The recipients must be so happy with them……

  4. Fantastic Mark…a labour of love. The recipients must be really happy with them……

  5. Sorry Mark….did the first comment on my iPad and it didn’t seem to go….. :-/

  6. They’re beautiful – lots of detail.

  7. aw they are so sweet! šŸ™‚

  8. Rocky

    Ooooh the hair detail on the Bride loooks so pretty!! šŸ˜€ Good job!

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