Why so shy?

For the next three days I’m on a course in Matlock, Derbyshire. The course sounds really interesting and it trains me up to carry out a reading intervention/programme called boosting reading potential. I’ll also be able to train others in the use of this programme.

Not being a driver (tried to learn
… gave up… at peace with this),  I’ve travelled using bus and train. I love that there are so many convenient public transport links for me to use.

Knowing I’d have a fair bit of time to wait around, I threw a couple of balls of yarn, a hook and a pair of scissors in my bag. On the train, I crocheted the start of a blanket.


What I don’t get is why I felt so self conscious about crocheting in public. I was very sneaky and only crocheted when no one was looking (the train emptied out twice).

I know I can crochet, more than that I’m really quite good at it. Maybe boosting my confidence is something to work on for the next couple of days- proudly crocheting in public and not giving a second thought to what anybody else thinks! 🙂


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21 responses to “Why so shy?

  1. Well done for giving it a go – you’ll get used to it eventually! I crochet on public transport all the time, and have accepted that people will stare at it and me for quite a while.

  2. I have crocheted and knitted on public transport in Australia for ever. Some people are quite fascinated and have to say something. Good for you, don’t be shy! 🙂

  3. I agree…I felt shy too when crocheted on the train for the first time….and then I used to people staring at me….But,wow,are they skilled as you are….?Don’t think so…. 😉

  4. This certainly rung true with me! I’m no longer a public transport gal (too rural for good links), but when I was, I only hooked when in an empty train! Maybe you should start a revolution!

  5. I take crochet to the auctions when I go with the hubby and it always draws fellow artisans into a little conversation. Made some great friends that way.

  6. But knitting/crocheting in public is so much fun, and all the other fibre artists sharing your train/bus will love you for it, and it’s a wonderful statement of creativity/individuality.
    …Or maybe I just have no shame.
    Enjoy the course.

  7. Yep you get used to it, If people stare (and they do) just smile and carry on, you get so engrossed that they kind of fade away after a while anyway 🙂 Some brave souls might even tempt to ask you what your doing/making how long you been doing for and that there (family member, friend etc etc) has done that and they would love to learn….sometimes it’s a conversation starter too so don’t worry be happy and crochet away 🙂 You never know you might meet a fellow crocheter 😉 xx

  8. Can I ask you the directions to crochet Miss Elphaba’s hat….a friend of mine saw it on my page and got completely mad for….please…. 😀

  9. Its nice to draw some attention sometimes 🙂

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