Marky had a little lamb

This weekend I wasn’t sure what to crochet. Then I remembered an Amigurumi sheep I’d seen in issue 13 of simply crochet.

 I tweaked the pattern slightly to make the arms a little shorter. Also, I added a little more shaping to the ears.I think it’s coming together quite nicely. 


The pattern was nice and straight forward.  The tail didn’t say it was stuffed but I added a little. It gives the sheep a little more stability when sat. 



Now, I think he looks pretty good as he is but the pattern explains how to add a fleece. It involves surface crochet and chains; creating loops all over the cream body parts.



Hopefully in the next couple of days I’ll be able to show a fleecier sheep. I’m going to try using sirdar’s snowflake yarn.



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6 responses to “Marky had a little lamb

  1. Oh my goodness that is super cute!!!

  2. Sheeptasticness is right! Loving your stitches!
    Would it be weird to make the fleece like a coat, then he could take it off in the summer like he’s been sheared? It’s a shame to cover up all that lovely crochet all year round.
    By the way, I only know one other guy who crochets – now I know two! Surely, there must be more of you out there?

    • Oh a removable coat (with hood) would be fantastic- what a great idea! My mind is already thinking of ways it could be accomplished!

      I bet there are more guys out there… there must be 🙂

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