Sunflower Scarf

I’ve finally finished my circular motif shawl – inspired scarf.

This was going to be a blanket or throw but I realised I’d used a brown that I would run out of. Terrible planning! Or maybe, a fortunate accident depending on your point of view.

SAMSUNG CSCIt’s lovely and bright but did require lots of weaving in of ends. On the plus side I do feel like I’m doing a much better job when weaving in ends… I just need to remember to leave enough length to do it properly.

Lacking a more lady like model I did the job myself. Whilst I’m not sure  I can pull it off, I’m pretty sure this could make a lovely gift for someone. 🙂



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5 responses to “Sunflower Scarf

  1. great idea! It looks like sunflowers 🙂 I’m sure whoever ends up getting it will love it

  2. I love it!And I love the way you wear it!It fits perfectly!

  3. Yes I believe in fortunate accidents 🙂

  4. It has turned out beautifully!

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