Crochet repair

So, I’m doing something new this evening.

A friend asked me if I could repair a crocheted blanket. The blanket is her son’s comfort blanket and she was quite upset it was unravelling. She’d attempted to stop it from coming apart any more but can’t crochet.

The blanket is in two parts. I’ve detached the inner section and crocheted around the edge. I’m confident this will stop this from unraveling any further.

I’m now going to have a go at the outer part. Once I’ve stopped it from falling apart I can think about joining them together.

It’s nice knowing that repairing this will mean so much to someone. šŸ™‚



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7 responses to “Crochet repair

  1. adeacia

    Lovely Mark. Such a nice thing you’re doing

  2. Repairing is more difficult than creating new things …I should know because I cut my granny square pillow by mistake and it started to unravel ….it took me ages to fix it …I had to sew in the unconnected loops without an ugly seam. I could have crocheted half a new pillow in that time šŸ˜‰

    • Indeed. I’ve stopped both pieces from unravelling now (wasn’t easy with the outside bit). Tomorrow I’ll crochet the inner part til I can slip stitch it to the outer piece… Well that’s the plan! šŸ™‚

  3. Shana Rae

    I think it’s because I started doing crochet for therapy that I saw this as a metaphor for life, becoming frayed at the edges and starting to come undone, then crocheting the fabric of life back together…when all I wanted to say was bless your kind heart šŸ™‚

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