Finishing projects and a curious cat

I’ve had a lovely Sunday. Jon (my husband) and I began the day with a nice walk along a local cycle track appreciating the autumnal beauty.

When we returned home, I put the finishing touches to a couple of neck warmers I’d made (using super chunky yarn, triple crocheted) and blocked. 

I sewed on buttons. The space between the triple crochets (US terms) formed the button holes but as these were quite loose so I added a couple of stitches to tighten them. This worked really well and made the right triple crochets easier to locate.

While I was outside taking photos, My cat Fiyero decided to come and see what I was up to… he’s such a poser.





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5 responses to “Finishing projects and a curious cat

  1. Very cute….both the cowl and cat

  2. All the best things begin with C, crochet, cowl, cat…you just need to add chocolate and it would be perfect!! 😉

  3. Fiyero is a beauty……very cuddlable! And the neck warmer is lovely and neat; great work Mark.
    (I bet Fiyero would make a great neck warmer too 😄)

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