Who knew!

This video is a really interesting look at crochet and links to mathematics. It’s long but interesting and rather inspiring. 🙂


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4 responses to “Who knew!

  1. yes, crochet is fundamentally based on geometric shapes and dimensions…one of the reasons why when we miss or add a stitch, you can see the mistake clearly…anything based on mathematics can never be anything but precise !!
    Not sure if he talks of hyperbolic crochet in the video (I am yet to watch it..will do after commenting), this is again based on a mathematical model.

    the beauty and simplicity of crochet comes from the underlying beauty of mathematical concepts like symmetry and asymmetry.

    I have known this for long, and am glad to see this post. Thanks for this.

  2. me again ! just watched your video…yes, this is what is hyperbolic crochet I commented on earlier. Youtube has many videos on hyperbolic crochet…they are amazing. watch them 🙂

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