…like rabbits


I do love amigurumi. They are usually relatively straightforward to make and take less to time to finish. I find that I usually have a few longer projects on the go whilst also making amigurumi for people who have asked.

Constructing Bunny

One of my favourite amigurumi to make is the Spring Bunny by Jessica Lau. The form is quite simple but gives a cute effect; the only difficulty getting the face right which will probably become easier with practice.

I made these when a friend asked and really liked how they looked πŸ™‚

Pair of Bunnies



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4 responses to “…like rabbits

  1. They are so adorable and I LOVE the fabric on the ears and feet, makes me want to squee!! πŸ˜›

  2. loobyloucreations

    So adorable I love these πŸ™‚ Are these patterns out of a book? I still need to master crocheting I would love to make these

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