An irrational fear of clothing!

As of yet I haven’t made any complex clothing. I have made a few hats, scarves, wristwarmers and shawls but nothing more complicated than that.

I’m not sure why but I’m really apprehensive about making something for myself or someone else to wear where sizing could be an issue. I’m sure I will though and I’m pretty certain It’ll be soon.  I just need to find a nice pattern and go for it 🙂

Here’s a hat and infinity scarf I made.

Hat (with ribbing) and infinity scarf

Hat (with ribbing) and infinity scarf

The pattern for the hat was written by Nancy Smith, is free and can be found on ravelry here. The scarf was  my own design consisting of Double crochets (US terms) in a spiral (like amigurumi). I forget the brand and type of wool but it was lovely to work with.



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5 responses to “An irrational fear of clothing!

  1. The Knitting Neurotic

    I’m with you. I actually started a baby sweater but I’m freaking out cause it’s one piece and it’s worked back to front. I’m toward the front now where you start working the left/right side and I’m stuck.

    I’m going back to hats to build my confidence for awhile then I’ll try again.

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