An elephant never forgets…

After a while I was a little Dragoned out. Wanting a new challenge I perused Pinterest and found a really cute crocheted elephant. What I loved straight away was the way the legs were seemlessly attached to the body.  After reading the pattern (which is free; written by Dawn Toussaint, and available here), I realised the legs, trunk and ears were all made independently and then crocheted together as the body was worked.

The legs were quick and easy to crochet. Attaching them to the elephant’s belly was a little more difficult but  manageable and has become easier with time. The body works up beautifully and the ears, trunk and tail are simple to crochet in. Really, the only issue I had was keeping count of the stitches .

Little and largeI have made a fair few of these elephants and particularly like making them for younger children as I feel they are much more resilient than the baby snow dragons that have so many more parts. This is also why I stitch the eyes rather than using plastic eyes or buttons. 🙂



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8 responses to “An elephant never forgets…

  1. Shana Rae

    Awesome heffalumps! Sounds a better idea for attaching legs than sewing to me!! 🙂

  2. They’re really lovely Mark…..I’m so impressed.
    I’m also loving the new blog 😄xx

  3. Thank you for showing this pattern. I am burnt out making caps and ready to try something different. Plus someone gave me 4 bags of stuffing so I really need to make some stuffed toys!

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