And another snowflake


The pattern for this one is from a book of Christmas projects. I used wool and a metallic silver thread (though the thread is difficult to see it does add a sparkle).

I’m thinking I could use some embroidery thread to make some smaller snowflakes with a 1mm hook


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6 responses to “And another snowflake

  1. They are lovely. If you are going to go so small how about using silver – coloured wire? It will solve your stiffening issue. You can also get different coloured wires if you fancy. Wire is harder on your hands than thread but worth it – you could even go really fancy and add some beads. The more I think about it the more I am convincing myself to have a go 😉

  2. Hi!It is nice to meet a man who crochet!I have to introduce you to my Big man…he he he … seriously now,your blog is nice and full of inspiration!Thanks for passing by on mine…

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